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Anti-Snap Locks in Sheffield?

lock snapping sheffield

Snap proof locks required sheffield

Have you recently been the victim of “lock snapping”? Or are you aware of this technique being increasingly used by thieves in the Sheffield area.
What is it?

The locks on upvc and composite doors are usually the euro profile type . The lock itself is made mostly of brass. This helps in that the lock will resist corrosion and help in the longevity of the lock. But brass is a soft metal. In the middle of the euro cylinder itself the metal narrows. This weak point is now being manipulated and locks are being snapped in half. After this, an unlawful access can be gained into your property.
What Can Be Done?
The locks on your existing doors can be exchanged for the anti-snap euro cylinders that are available now. These brilliant locks have been designed so that they will not snap in the middle like before.
There is a bonus with these locks as well, they have other security measures built in. Thieves use other ways to bypass locks other than snapping but that is now history when you have anti-snap locks fitted. They are anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-bump (another common problem) and anti-pick.

Will It Cost A Fortune?

No and where multiple locks are required HUGE discounts are available. We have packages available for new home owners also, call us now for anti-snap locks in Sheffield.

How Do I Know If My Locks Want Changing?

Anti-snap locks have only been available in the last few years and unless you were advised at the time of having your doors fitted that the locks needed to be anti-snap, there is every chance that yours will be the vulnerable type.

We would advise that all exterior locks are now changed before it’s too late.

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