Replace Faulty Upvc Door Locks Sheffield

Replace Faulty Upvc Door Locks Sheffield

Hallam Locksmiths are Sheffields no1 upvc door lock repairers.

Upvc and composite doors are now the standard in Sheffield overtaking wooden doors. This has lead us to be involved in the repair and replacement of upvc door locks more and more.

If your door lock is faulty the 1st thing we need to do is find where the problem lies.

Can you lock the door but need a new key in exchange?

Has the lock failed and you no longer can open the door?

Is the door difficult to lock and requires force?

The door will not lock after you have lifted the handle.

door repairs Sheffield

Door lock repairs Sheffield

These are all types of issues that we come across regularly. They can all be fixed and at affordable prices. All you need to do is ring Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277 and we give you a price over the phone and an idea of when.

Multipoint Lock Repairs Sheffield

Door Repair Services in Sheffield

Multipoint locks are used in upvc and composite doors to hold them secure when closed and locked. All you do is the lift the handle and turn the key. They are a great means of keeping doors secure and draught free unlike wooden doors that had a tendency to allow cold air in. The disadvantage is that rarely does anyone have them checked over and serviced leading to failures often after 10-12 years.

Emergency Locksmith Repairs based in Sheffield

If you are unfortunate to have a multipoint lock failure and are concerned that this will result in the need to replace the door, then read on because we can save you money at Hallam Locksmiths. We have specialised in the repair and replacement of mpl’s for over 20 years now and find only in extremely rare cases that we can not find the exact replacement or a suitable upgrade.

There are a number of different manufacturers out there including

– GU
– Lockmaster
– Fuhr
– Yale
– Advocet
– Millenco
– Mila
– Ferco
– Winkhaus
– Fullex
– Union

We have a great relationship with the largest suppliers in the country and have access to thousands of replacement parts with next day delivery if required.

We aim though to complete all work on the initial visit with out well stocked mobile service vehicle.

If you are wondering if the replacement will offer worthwhile value and are considering a new door, i would suggest that a new door is still only going to last 10-12 years before that will require some form of replacement as well. Why not have your existing door repaired and have another 10-12 years form that instead?

If the lock has failed and is is a closed position, the door can still be opened without damage to the door.

For an idea of cost call Hallam Locksmiths on  0114 2919 277 and we will be happy to offer a free no obligation quote.

Sheffield Locksmiths

MPL Repair Sheffield


Door Lock Repairs Sheffield

As locksmiths in Sheffield, we are experienced in dealing with all manner of lock repairs. These can be general house locks or commercial locks on offices and buildings.

  • Aluminium Doors
  • Upvc Doors
  • Wooden Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Conservatory Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Gate Locks
  • Roller Shutter Doors

Above are just a selection of the types that we can and do repair. Locks will not last for ever and so when they do fail, let Hallam Locksmiths provide you with a fast and professional repair service.

We aim to provide an approximate idea of cost 1st, so do not be afraid to ask if we don’t.

Not all locks are available in a British Standard but we will endeavour to always fit BS locks if we can. This will ensure the highest level of security to your home or workplace.

The types of locks that are fitted to doors can be confusing and we understand that the terminolgy of lock types is difficult to explain over the phone. Do not worry we offer a free call out service if required.

For more info call Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277 anytime.

 door repairs Sheffield

Door lock repairs Sheffield

Window Doctor Sheffield

Upvc Locksmith Sheffield

Window Doctor Sheffield

Are you having problems with a upvc door or window? We specialise in the repair of these regardless of how old they are or who originally fitted them.

Time and again we come across customers who have been told that repairs can no longer be achieved because of the age. This is not true but there is more profit to be had from a new installation than a repair!!

Fortunately our suppliers are also not installers either and make every effort to source parts for us. We estimate that our success rate is 99% in repairing doors and windows.

So if you have a upvc door, french door or sliding patio door and it is in need of fixing, give us a call. If you can supply any info from the doors it will help in giving a more accurate quote over the phone. There are often manufacturers names on the locking strips themselves or you may remember who the original installer was.

Door handles and letterboxes can be swapped as well if these are the issue at great prices.

If it’s a window repair that is required, we can help.

On windows the locking mechanism can fail locked. These can still be opened without damage and replaced along with the handles and hinges if required. All these parts are carried with us.

Sliding patio doors can be serviced and repaired for you. Though some of these are now very old and may be difficult to source the locking parts, the wheels and handles are still available. If it is the locking element which is the issue, additional locks can be added to achieve insurance requirements.

For an idea of cost or an appointment, call Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277 now.

Conservatory Door Repairs Sheffield

Are your conservatory doors a problem? Hallam Locksmiths are possibly the most experienced conservatory door repair specialists in Sheffield.
We repair on average 15 upvc doors a week. These repairs range from the locking mechansim failing in a locked or open postion to broken hinges.
Go to a double glazing installer and they will possibly tell you that you need a new door. We do not fit new doors, only repair perfectly good existing doors!
With over 20 years experience in the repair industry, we know what parts and materials are required for these specific repairs and carry them with us at all times. This allows your doors to be fixed the day we arrive and often the same day you call.
The prices we charge offer great value and come with a cast iron guarantee of two years. We would expect the repair to last considerably longer than two years though.
It does not matter who fitted the conservatory door as well,we have access to a vast amount of redundant stock that is unavailable to others. call us now for a free quote on 0114 2919 277
and be assured that our service will be fast but friendly and professional. sliding door1

Mobile Locksmiths in Sheffield

Are you looking for a call out from a Sheffield based locksmith company? Hallam Locksmiths are on call for such a service, regardless of whether it is an emergency call out or not. In both cases we can often offer a same day service.

  • Lost Keys
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Locked Out
  • Upvc Lock Repairs
  • Antisnap Locks
  • Faulty Locks

You can be assured that our professional team are well versed in all types of locksmith work both with domestic household locks and commercial locks.

Burglary Repairs Sheffield

Burglary repairs Sheffield

If  you have been unfortunate to have been burgled recently,there is every chance that the thieves gained access unlawfully via “lock snapping”! This process is not new to the South Yorkshire area but is on the increase within Sheffied.

In the majority of upvc, composite and sliding patio doors the locks fitted are called “euro profile cylinders”. These locks are made of brass and can be easily split in half with a simple technique. To make matters worse, the handles are usually broken off as part of the process, leaving you with a mess.

What can be done?

There are a few alternative options which increases the security of your doors ten fold. The euro cylinder can be exchanged for a snap proof lock. These work by negating the option to snap the cylinder in half. Different manufacturers use different processes to do this but they all work well. As a added benefit to the security, the better quality locks have other measures employed such as being bump proof, anti drill and anti pick. This means that the locks are future proof .

In the case of the handles , there are pas 24 insurance approved handles now available.

This new design of handles not only protect the euro cylinder itself but also give off a visual deterrent. They are designed to prevent thieves being able to grip the handles with a pair of mole grips. The screws that hold the handles on have been increased in strength, thus preventing them from being broken.

If you require any more info on this subject or a free no obligation visit to advise on your existing locks call 0114 2919277.

A day in the life of a Sheffield Locksmith

A day in the life of a Sheffield locksmith can vary enormously from being hectic and zigzagging across the city, to waiting for the phone to ring.

The 1st call of the day came from a distressed lady who had closed her front door behind her without carrying the keys! The door was locked via a Yale night latch, which was off the latch and she was now locked out of home. I arrived within 20 mins of the call and the door was open within another 10 mins. One happy and relieved customer.

A quick return home for breakfast and start the days booked in work. A visit to Lodge Moor where the locks on 3 upvc doors are to be upgraded to “snap secure” locks, helping to increase the security of a home. A relatively easy job and something every home owner who has older type locks fitted should consider.

The phone rings and this time it is patio door which can not be opened. The customer has the keys but they don’t appear to be working. On arriving the keys were found to be fine. It is the locking mechanism which has failed. I manage to open the door and the materials are replaced. This will save the customer hundreds of pounds over having to buy a complete new door and i would expect that the repair will last at least 10 years!

The phone rings ….” is it possible to replace the handles on a upvc door?” I give a quote over the phone and an appointment is made for the following day.

After a quick spot of lunch i travel to Dronfield to replace the wheels on a sliding patio door. The door is at least 25 years old and the customer had been quoted £1200 to replace the door. It only needed new wheels at the bottom and the door is sliding back and forth smoothly again.

A trip to a care home now where a digilock has failed. These are locks fitted to doors where a code is inputted before allowing the handle to turn. A replacement is required and suitably installed quickly.

Late afternoon and the next work involves opening a upvc window. The homeowners have just moved in and they have a tilt and turn window. The handle has no key for it. I install a lockable handle and give the window a service as well. The locking strip which runs around the edge had become “stiff” and needed a little oil.

Time to head home, unless the phone rings 1st 😉 A fairly normal day in the life of a Sheffield Locksmith.

If you require our services ring Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277

Sheffield Locksmith Services



Emergency Locksmiths Sheffield

snapped key

Emergency Locksmith Sheffield

Hallam Locksmiths is able to offer an emergency locksmith to the residents of Sheffield.

If you have lost the keys to your home or have been unfortunate enough to have had them

stolen, Hallam Locksmiths can have your locks changed and you safe and secure


It may be that a key has snapped or become jammed in a lock. Not to worry, we have the

knowledge to know what will be the best option available. It may require a new lock or just

require the broken key extracting.

Upvc door mechanism’s can fail in both a closed and open position. In this situation you could be locked

in or out of your home. Or that you can not secure your property. A serious situation which we understand and one which we specialise in.

In most cases we are able to offer a fast and reliable emergency locksmith service in the Sheffield area within an hour of your call.

Our work all comes with a two year warranty on the locks fitted and labour involved. Our aim is to fit locks of a superior standard at all times to ensure complete security.

In most cases we are able to offer a fast and reliable emergency locksmith service in the Sheffield area within an hour of your call.

Ring now for a speedy response on 0114 2919 277 for an emergency locksmith in Sheffield.











Antisnap Locks Sheffield

Lock Snapping Sheffield


The rise in “lock snapping” continues in the Sheffield area. If you have experienced this event at your property or know someone who has, you will now realise how easy it for thieves to gain access unlawfully to your home!

What can be done?

Your existing locks on upvc, composite and aluminium doors can easily and quickly be exchanged for an antisnap version. An antisnap lock prevents the lock barrel being snapped in half and the outside part being pulled out. This then allows the locking mechanism to be bypassed and your door can be opened with relative ease.

Hallam Locksmiths are specialists in exchanging old inferior locks for the high security versions that are available.

The better quality locks offer other advantages in that they also resist drilling, picking and bumping ( bumping is another way thieves are bypassing locks).

What is the cost?

The cost to upgrade your locks will depend on the number required. If you have 3 doors which require the locks exchanging, the likely cost will be £160. All work comes with a 2 year guarantee.

It is our opinion that if you wish to protect your future home security, then you should seriously think about having your locks upgraded now.

For a free security check at your home call Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277

Antisnap Locks Sheffield