Antisnap Locks Sheffield

Antisnap Locks Sheffield

Lock Snapping Sheffield


The rise in “lock snapping” continues in the Sheffield area. If you have experienced this event at your property or know someone who has, you will now realise how easy it for thieves to gain access unlawfully to your home!

What can be done?

Your existing locks on upvc, composite and aluminium doors can easily and quickly be exchanged for an antisnap version. An antisnap lock prevents the lock barrel being snapped in half and the outside part being pulled out. This then allows the locking mechanism to be bypassed and your door can be opened with relative ease.

Hallam Locksmiths are specialists in exchanging old inferior locks for the high security versions that are available.

The better quality locks offer other advantages in that they also resist drilling, picking and bumping ( bumping is another way thieves are bypassing locks).

What is the cost?

The cost to upgrade your locks will depend on the number required. If you have 3 doors which require the locks exchanging, the likely cost will be £160. All work comes with a 2 year guarantee.

It is our opinion that if you wish to protect your future home security, then you should seriously think about having your locks upgraded now.

For a free security check at your home call Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277

Antisnap Locks Sheffield


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