Upvc Locksmiths in Sheffield
jammed upvc door

Upvc Locksmiths in Sheffield

Has your upvc door jammed shut . You have the key but when you press the handle down , the door will not open! There is every chance the “multi-point lock ” has failed .

This may be due to wear and tear or a mechanical failure. This does not mean you now need to buy a new door, even though the double glazing salesman will tell you it is.

As experienced locksmiths, Hallam Locksmiths is able to open your door with relative ease. After that, we will replace the multi-point lock. We carry the largest stock of replacement materials with us . This means we can often have your door working like new the same day you call.

If you are looking for an idea of cost – £150 . This will include the labour, materials and vat. All work is guarenteed for 12 months also. With a replacement door costing in the region of £600+ , this is a significant saving and no hassle from repeated calls fron the doble glazing salesmman!

For more information ring Stephen direct on 07990 573857 .



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