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Window Doctor Sheffield

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Window Doctor Sheffield

Are you having problems with a upvc door or window? We specialise in the repair of these regardless of how old they are or who originally fitted them.

Time and again we come across customers who have been told that repairs can no longer be achieved because of the age. This is not true but there is more profit to be had from a new installation than a repair!!

Fortunately our suppliers are also not installers either and make every effort to source parts for us. We estimate that our success rate is 99% in repairing doors and windows.

So if you have a upvc door, french door or sliding patio door and it is in need of fixing, give us a call. If you can supply any info from the doors it will help in giving a more accurate quote over the phone. There are often manufacturers names on the locking strips themselves or you may remember who the original installer was.

Door handles and letterboxes can be swapped as well if these are the issue at great prices.

If it’s a window repair that is required, we can help.

On windows the locking mechanism can fail locked. These can still be opened without damage and replaced along with the handles and hinges if required. All these parts are carried with us.

Sliding patio doors can be serviced and repaired for you. Though some of these are now very old and may be difficult to source the locking parts, the wheels and handles are still available. If it is the locking element which is the issue, additional locks can be added to achieve insurance requirements.

For an idea of cost or an appointment, call Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277 now.

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