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The fitting of a master suite in Sheffield

Lock Master Suite Fitting In Sheffield?

Hallam Locksmiths is able to supply and fit many different types of master suite regardless of each companies different requirements and budgets.

Keying Alike

If you are looking for a simple multiple lock system, which is just to work on one key, then this is relatively easily achieved. Rather than having to sort through keys when opening up and locking up, you just have the one key.

Grand Master Key

Hallam locksmiths is able to supply and fit not only a simple key alike lock system but one that is designed with a “grand master” key, which will work all locks for all doors on multiple properties if required. A series of submaster keys can then be built in where the submaster keys will work only assigned doors but not all doors. A brilliant way of allowing access to only certain areas for different employers.

Common Entrance Keys

Common entrance keys are often used on apartment blocks but work equally as well on business premises. The key is built to open up the main entrance door and communal areas (kitchen e.t.c) and a specific room or office. There can still then be a “master key” to control the whole building for the landlord.

Restricted or Open Profile Keys

You are able to have a choice on either an open profile section, this means that the keys are relatively easy to be cut by any high street key cutter. Or restricted profile, which  is where  authority is required to have keys cut. This will prevent keys being cut without permission!

There are endless ways of designing a master suite and Hallam Locksmiths will be able to design a system to suit all budgets while still maintaining the future security of your business.

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