A day in the life of a Sheffield Locksmith

A day in the life of a Sheffield Locksmith

A day in the life of a Sheffield locksmith can vary enormously from being hectic and zigzagging across the city, to waiting for the phone to ring.

The 1st call of the day came from a distressed lady who had closed her front door behind her without carrying the keys! The door was locked via a Yale night latch, which was off the latch and she was now locked out of home. I arrived within 20 mins of the call and the door was open within another 10 mins. One happy and relieved customer.

A quick return home for breakfast and start the days booked in work. A visit to Lodge Moor where the locks on 3 upvc doors are to be upgraded to “snap secure” locks, helping to increase the security of a home. A relatively easy job and something every home owner who has older type locks fitted should consider.

The phone rings and this time it is patio door which can not be opened. The customer has the keys but they don’t appear to be working. On arriving the keys were found to be fine. It is the locking mechanism which has failed. I manage to open the door and the materials are replaced. This will save the customer hundreds of pounds over having to buy a complete new door and i would expect that the repair will last at least 10 years!

The phone rings ….” is it possible to replace the handles on a upvc door?” I give a quote over the phone and an appointment is made for the following day.

After a quick spot of lunch i travel to Dronfield to replace the wheels on a sliding patio door. The door is at least 25 years old and the customer had been quoted £1200 to replace the door. It only needed new wheels at the bottom and the door is sliding back and forth smoothly again.

A trip to a care home now where a digilock has failed. These are locks fitted to doors where a code is inputted before allowing the handle to turn. A replacement is required and suitably installed quickly.

Late afternoon and the next work involves opening a upvc window. The homeowners have just moved in and they have a tilt and turn window. The handle has no key for it. I install a lockable handle and give the window a service as well. The locking strip which runs around the edge had become “stiff” and needed a little oil.

Time to head home, unless the phone rings 1st 😉 A fairly normal day in the life of a Sheffield Locksmith.

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