Burglary Repairs Sheffield

Burglary Repairs Sheffield

Burglary repairs Sheffield

If  you have been unfortunate to have been burgled recently,there is every chance that the thieves gained access unlawfully via “lock snapping”! This process is not new to the South Yorkshire area but is on the increase within Sheffied.

In the majority of upvc, composite and sliding patio doors the locks fitted are called “euro profile cylinders”. These locks are made of brass and can be easily split in half with a simple technique. To make matters worse, the handles are usually broken off as part of the process, leaving you with a mess.

What can be done?

There are a few alternative options which increases the security of your doors ten fold. The euro cylinder can be exchanged for a snap proof lock. These work by negating the option to snap the cylinder in half. Different manufacturers use different processes to do this but they all work well. As a added benefit to the security, the better quality locks have other measures employed such as being bump proof, anti drill and anti pick. This means that the locks are future proof .

In the case of the handles , there are pas 24 insurance approved handles now available.

This new design of handles not only protect the euro cylinder itself but also give off a visual deterrent. They are designed to prevent thieves being able to grip the handles with a pair of mole grips. The screws that hold the handles on have been increased in strength, thus preventing them from being broken.

If you require any more info on this subject or a free no obligation visit to advise on your existing locks call 0114 2919277.

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