Tilt and slide door repairs in Sheffield

Tilt and slide door repairs is a specialist industry. Hallam Locksmiths though have been involved in the service and repair of these types of patio doors for over 20 years.

Common problems with tilt and slide doors

The door will not open

If you find that either the handle will not turn, or spins all the way around, there is every chance the drive gear has failed. The drive gear is what moves the locking points around the edge of the door, and it will have failed due to wear and tear. If it has become difficult to lock, this resistance will not have helped. Hallam Locksmiths will be able to open your tilt and slide door and replace the drive gear for you, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement door.

The door has come away at the top

Tilt and slide doors are held at the top by a pair of gliders. Over time, they will start to wear out. The first sign of this is when the door wants to topple out on you. If you can, slide the door back into a closed position and ring Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277. We can exchange the gliders and the door will operate as smoothly as before.

The door is difficult to lock

This can be the result of a few different issues. The door itself slides back and forth by the means of what we term the 'bottom bogey'. It could be a spring that has failed, which helps to locate the door when it is closed. There is also a connecting bar which keeps the door square with the frame, which can sometimes become loose. The bottom bogey can also drop and this will cause a problem moving the door in place. The majority of the time, the bottom bogey just needs a service to get the door closing smoothly.

Replacement handles are needed

Hallam Locksmiths carry two types of tilt and slide handles in case a replacement is required. Long and short in white, brass and silver. If you need a new handle, give us a call.

Most doors are still repairable if you find the locking mechanism has failed. Another common problem is the gliders that hold the door upright at the top wear out. The first you know about this is when door falls inwards!

Good news, we can save you £££s by repairing your existing door. There is no need to replace the whole door in most cases.​

Tilt and slide door service

It can be that the door is just not opening and closing correctly and is just in need of a service, all part of the type of work we can complete for you.

Give Hallam Locksmiths a call

If you are in need of a repair to a tilt and slide door in the Sheffield area call Hallam Locksmiths on 0114 2919 277.

A reputation of great customer service

Absolutely outstanding. We were burgled and had our house keys and gate keys stolen. Stephen was out to us as soon as possible & changed all the locks with no mess for a very reasonable price. Very pleasant and professional too and a speedy job done, making us feel much happier and more secure. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

Ian Maxwell from Sheffield


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