Coded digi-locks, supplied & fitted in Sheffield

Allow access to areas with input of a specific code

There are also various steps you can take to upgrade the locks on your commercial property. We highly recommend digi-locks - also known as coded locks or mechanical push button locks - as they have a wide variety of benefits.

Why choose digi-locks?

Hallam Locksmiths is able to supply and fit a variety of digi-locks in Sheffield. This type of lock authorises access to areas with the input of a specific code to users. This code can be changed as and when required.

  • Light duty - for internal use only- store cupboards where infrequent use is required
  • Medium duty - internal and external doors and expectation is of moderate use.
  • Heavy duty - internal and external doors, frequent use and ultimate reliability.

Digital or mechanical?

After deciding what type of use the digi-lock is going to receive, you then need to choose between digital or mechanical push buttons. Mechanical offers greater value and simplicity. Digital offer greater flexibility of code options and ease of future code changes. Hallam Locksmiths is able to advise on which type is best suited to your individual circumstances.

Making code changes on digi-locks in Sheffield

Hallam Locksmiths offers a code change service for our Sheffield customers. If you are not sure of how the code is changed or you have adopted a digi-lock on new premises and require a new code, give the team at Hallam Locksmiths a call and we can arrange an appointment.

Ultion lock for ultimate protection

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Can a digi-lock be fitted to a uPVC door?

Yes is the simple answer. Borg now produce a coded lock specifically designed to be retrofitted with a uPVC door. This coded lock is a heavy duty construction and is suitable for a commercial environment. During the day, a four-digit code is inputted which allows the handle to be operated. At night or at the end of the working day, the handle is lifted to put the locking points in place and a key will lock the door to secure as normal.

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