Choose Ultion door locks for ultimate peace of mind.

73% of burglaries are through the door, can you afford to take a risk with your security?

Your door may look great, be well built and really solid. But what's the point if it can be broken into in a few seconds because of an inadequate cylinder lock.

High-security Ultion locks

You get what you pay for when it comes to locks. While there are many cheap options available online, it's important to ask yourself whether saving yourself a few pounds here and there is really worth it in the long run - especially if it makes your home or business less secure.

This is why Hallam Locksmiths offers Ultion locks to our customers. They have important secrity features that will help make your home or business much more secure.

Protecting your property against lock snapping

Lock snapping is a common method used by thieves - and unfortunately, it's something many Sheffield homeowners are vulnerable to. A thief can quickly snap off your door handle and the protruding lock, giving them easy access to your home with little effort at all. Ultion anti-snap locks have been specially designed to snap off in a specific place, so the thief can't get hold of your lock. The mechanism will go into lockdown mode as soon as it's been tampered with, helping make your property as secure as possible.

Protection against lock drilling

Another method often used by thieves is lock drilling. As the name suggests, they use a hardened drill bit to turn the barrel of your lock without using a key. Ultion locks have a strong molybdenum core that is 25% denser than iron, making it impossible for intruders to use this method. This is another line of defence your property cannot afford to be without.

Taking security to a new level

You will find that most standard door locks come with five security pins, while the slightly better quality ones have around six. Ultion goes above and beyond by offering 11 different pins capable of creating 294,970 different key combinations, increasing security like no other product on the market.

Ultion lock for ultimate protection

Choose Ultion

Fitted by an experienced locksmith in Sheffield

Of course, your Ultion locks are only going to be effective if they have been installed correctly - which is where we come in. With over 20 years' experience, we're ideally placed to fit your home or business with the most secure locks available.

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