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Anti-snap Locks Sheffield

Anti-snap Locks Required in Sheffield?

Sheffield Burglary Repairs

Do locks need replacing?

Hallam Locksmiths is able to replace all your door locks, regardless of who fitted the door or the age of the door. We will replace them with locks of the same standard or where required a higher standard. We would always advise the fitting of British Standard locks.

Faulty Upvc Door Mechanism’s

On upvc doors the locking strip itself is called a “multi-point lock”. These can fail and leave you with a door you are either unable to lock or unlock.

If you have had a burglary, the thieves may have forced a door open and damaged this multi-point lock.

Hallam Locksmiths carry all the common types of multi-point lock fitted in the Sheffield area with them. This means we will have your door mechanism replaced on the initial visit.

Broken Handles

Upvc door handles can be replaced if they have been broken or worn out. Upvc door handles are not usually stocked at your local DIY shop. If you have already tried replacing them yourselves you probably realise this.

Hallam Locksmiths carry all the common types in white, brass and silver finishes.

Hallam Locksmith also fit the pas24 handles. These handles add extra security to your existing doors by putting a barrier around the lock itself.

Extra Security

Are you concerned that your existing door and window security is not brilliant.

There are many different types of extra security for your doors and windows. These also can act as a visual deterrent as well. These security aids will give you peace of mind when you are asleep at home or away from your property.

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