Broken door or window locks?
We'll replace them.

Professional lock replacement & fitting

If you have a faulty lock and are looking for a professional locksmith in Sheffield, look no further than Hallam Locksmiths. We'll replace your worn or broken locks quickly and at an affordable price.

Improve your security with lock replacement

Hallam Locksmiths are able to replace all your door locks, regardless of who originally fitted the door or its age. We will replace them with locks of the same standard or, where required, a higher standard. We would always advise fitting British Standard locks, which are often required by insurance companies.

If you are concerned that your existing door and window security is not as good as it could be, we're here to help. There are many different types of extra security available, which can act as both a physical and visual deterrent to thieves.

Replacing faulty uPVC door lock mechanisms

On a uPVC door, the locking strip is known as a multi-point lock, it is not uncommon for these to fail leaving you with a door you are either unable to lock or unlock. If you have been burgled, it is possible that the thieves may have forced the door open and damaged this multi-point lock.

Hallam Locksmiths carry all the common types of multi-point lock fitted in the Sheffield area, meaning we will have your door mechanism replaced on the spot.

Broken door handles

uPVC door handles can be replaced if they have broken or worn out. uPVC door handles are not usually stocked at your local DIY shop, which you will probably know if you have ever tried replacing them yourself! Hallam Locksmiths carry all the common types available in white, brass and silver finishes.

We can also fit PAS 24 handles, which add extra security to your existing doors by putting a barrier around the lock itself.

Call Hallam Locksmiths anytime for more information on improving your security, or arrange an appointment on 0114 291 9070

Ultion lock for ultimate protection

Choose Ultion

Commercial lock replacement in Sheffield

If you require a lock change on business premises, Hallam Locksmiths carry the vast majority of locks fitted to commercial buildings in the Sheffield area.

What type of lock replacement do you need?

The locks on aluminum doors will either be euro profile, oval profile or screw-in cylinder types. They may also have a thumb piece on the inside too so they can be opened without a key. We carry all these lock types.

On wooden doors, you may have a mortice lock, which has a long key with a stem or a night-latch lock. The key will be flat and a yale type. It is also possible you may have a euro and oval profile cylinder on your wooden door, but this is less likely. We carry all types of British and non-British Standard locks.

What if I lose my keys?

If there are no keys and the doors are locked, then as experienced locksmiths, we will be able to open your doors and carry out a lock replacement for a competitive price.

Cutting keys whenever you need them

After we have changed the locks, we can cut extra keys while still on site with our key cutting machine. We can 'key' locks to work on the same key, or by mastering the locks, different keys will be able to work on some or all doors. These can be fitted to new or existing buildings on all types of locks on commercial premises. We also supply locks that have their own unique profile, meaning unauthorised key cutting cannot be carried out without your say.

Do we accept invoices?

Yes, at Hallam Locksmiths we accept 30 days payment terms and can also take debit and credit cards for ease. Ring our experienced commercial locksmiths in Sheffield on 0114 291 9070.

Lock master suite fitting in Sheffield

Hallam Locksmiths can supply and fit many different types of master suite, regardless of your company's requirements and budget.

Key alike system

If you are looking for a simple multiple lock system that will work with just one key, then this is relatively easy to achieve. Rather than having to sort through keys when opening up and locking up, you just have the one key.

Grand master key

Hallam Locksmiths can supply and fit not only a simple key alike lock system but one that is designed with a grand master key, which will work all locks for all doors on multiple properties if required. A series of sub-master keys can then be built in where the sub-master keys will only work in assigned doors. This is a great way of only allowing access to certain areas for different employers.

Common entrance keys

Common entrance keys are often used on apartment blocks but work equally as well on business premises. The key is built to open up the main entrance door and communal areas (such as the kitchen) and a specific room or office. There can still then be a master key so that the landlord can control the whole building.

Restricted or open profile keys

You can have a choice of either an open profile section, which means that the keys are relatively easy to be cut by any high street key cutter. With a restricted profile, authority is needed to have additional keys cut.

Call Hallam Locksmiths for key master suite services

There are endless ways of designing a key master suite in Sheffield and Hallam Locksmiths will be able to design a system to suit all budgets while still maintaining the future security of your business. To find out more, get in touch on  0114 291 9070.


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